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Meet Rod Walker

Elite Performance Consultant
Success Coach

Hi I’m Rod Walker, founder of Quantum Shift Success Coaching.


Victorian born and bred; I grew up in the tough streets of the western suburbs of Melbourne. My childhood was very rough and I suffered lack of confidence and belief for much of my young adult life. But the one thing learnt from my childhood experience was that in order to get ahead, you needed someone to believe in you, as well as believing in yourself. Without that belief, it’s impossible to find a sense of purpose, and to manage even the smallest things. 


After starting out my career in banking, I then moved into financial planning which I loved and culminated in running my own business since 2007. Now for over 25 years I’ve worked with people of all descriptions and helping clients to achieve their financial aspirations.


Too often, I see people thinking they need to work harder on their career or business – put in more hours, invest more money and still fail to get the success they dream of.  I had fallen into this trap myself, thinking if only I work twice as hard, I can make twice as much money, but only burnt myself out trying.


As success motivator, Jim Rohn says, “if you want more than what you have, you have to become more than what you are”, he added “if you will change, everything will change and if you work on yourself more than you work on your job or your business, everything will change”.


Thankfully, I found a mentor, who saw the potential within me, and helped me change and bring out my potential. He helped me see that I could achieve anything I really wanted and that we all have genius locked up inside of us.


When we started working together, he guided me through a coaching program that has been proven to change lives all over the world when participants do the work.  With my mentor’s support and help, I put in the effort, made the changes and did the deep inner work that changed my entire life. 

Once I started working on my mindset, attitude and silencing my inner critic, I started to see the dramatic changes in my life – better relationships with my family and colleagues, better health than I’d had since my 20’s and best of all, I doubled my annual income in an 8 week period.



With this coaching, I was able to start spending more time than ever with my family and rediscovering the joy I’d almost lost for my work. For the first time in my life I felt like I was in control of my life, not life controlling me. I felt free.


Changing my beliefs and habits wasn’t easy. Thinking about things from a different prospective than I was programmed, doing things I’d never done before and achieving goals I never thought I could achieve, was scary, challenging and exciting all at the same time. And while it wasn’t always smooth sailing, once I experienced the incredible shifts in income, health and relationships for myself, I wanted to start sharing my gift with the world.


I now spend my days supporting and empowering clients as they work through 1-1 elite coaching, group masterclass coaching and corporate paradigm change workshops that help others experience the life changing shifts that help them break free from a lifetime of habits that are holding them back from building lives of freedom and success on their own terms.

How can Quantum Shift Success Coaching help me?

No matter where you’re at with your life right now, you’re probably wishing there was more.  More money, more freedom, more balance, more holidays… But like many people, you’re stuck in the trenches of work, bosses, a mortgage, bills and the never-ending cycle of planning holidays to escape from your life.


Quantum Shift Success Coaching can give you the tools, strategies and resources you need to help you find success on your own terms and build a life that you don’t want to escape from.    

Work with Rod

Quantum Shift Success Coaching offers 1-1, small group and workshop based personalised, tailored coaching to suit your needs and goals.


See our upcoming events and workshops.

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